This is a call for candidates for the position of  Sabbatical as a visiting scientist and/or a lecturer

at the campus of  Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT), located in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China.


The Technion manages the research and education of Guangdong Technion- Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT)

GTIIT strictly follows the academic model of the Technion campus in Haifa, Israel.

It is dedicated to high quality research and education in science and technology.

All the courses are taught in English and follow exactly the Technion’s Curriculum, and its graduate students receive the Technion’s



Currently, the following programs are being taught in GTIIT:

·       Chemical Engineering

·       Biotechnology & Food Engineering

·       Materials Science and Engineering

·       Mathematics (major) with Computer science (minor)

·       Mechanical Engineering

·       Chemistry

·       Environmental Engineering

·       Physics (support courses)


GTIIT possesses modern research and teaching infrastructure and facilities.

Technion’s faculty members [in the above-mentioned disciplines] who are due for Sabbatical, and are interested to explore the opportunity

to lecture and/or conduct scientific research in GTIIT, are welcome to contact us.GTIIT offers generous compensation and convenient

housing in a beautiful and newly constructed lively campus.

Qualified Professors who are interested in more details are invited to contact us at

or call us at +972-77-8871790