Associate and Full Professorships

Associate and Full Professorships

GTIIT, following the philosophy of the Technion in Haifa, is fully committed to excellence in science and technology, both in research and education. The language of instruction at GTIIT is English.

MSE brings together top-notch researchers in all areas of fundamental and applied sciences to promote cutting-edge teaching and research in the field of materials science and engineering.


Tenure-track faculty positions at all ranks for exceptional candidates are now available in the Materials Science and Engineering Department with emphasis on the following fields:

·         Electronic materials

·         Polymers

·         Metals

·         Ceramics

·         Materials characterization

·         Materials processing

·         Nanotechnology

·         Functional properties of materials

Based on their academic and scientific record and qualifications, successful candidates will be appointed as Associate or Full Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. Successful candidates will be offered world-competitive start-up packages, fully equipped research laboratories, modern infrastructure, and qualified research personnel. They will be offered generous compensation, convenient housing, and family care facilities in the beautiful and newly constructed campus.


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