Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Based on physics, chemistry and engineering, the Materials Science and Engineering program aims to lead students and researchers to understand how composition, microstructure, and processing affect the properties and performance of materials, and is a combination of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills.

The teaching program is based on the already-proven very successful model of the BSc degree in Materials Engineering of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
Upon graduation the students of GTIIT are awarded with two degrees:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Engineering (Chinese MOE)
  • Bachelor of Science, BSc, in Materials Engineering (Technion, Israel)

The MSE program was listed as the Key Discipline in 2018, and the First-class Undergraduate Program Development Site in Guangdong Province in 2020.
The MSE which led the Provincial Key Laboratory of Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion, was approved as one of the Guangdong R&D platforms in 2021, and provides research, education, and training services for students.

The MSE department puts a strong emphasis on research. The research activities cover many topics of the utmost importance for Chinese society, and will empower the industry of China by developing key technologies and building capable professional engineers.
MSE has developed cutting edge research in several fields including i) materials for energy conversion, ii) nanoelectronics, iii) advanced materials processes and characterization, iv) polymers and soft materials, and v) medical and healthcare materials.
In addition, MSE provides a broad range of personal and central laboratories for processing and characterization of materials that are equipped with a wide range of advanced equipment.

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